Rodrigo Sipalay, PT

Physical Therapist located in Forest Hills, NY

About Rodrigo Sipalay

Rodrigo Sipalay, PT, is a registered physical therapist at Medex Diagnostic & Treatment Center in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens in New York City. Physical therapy is a crucial component in the treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries, illnesses, and chronic conditions. Mr. Sipalay has helped patients manage their pain and improve their mobility for 18 years.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Mr. Sipalay received his Bachelor of Science in physical therapy from Southwestern University in Cebu City, Philippines. He then moved to the United States and received his professional license from the state of New York in 1999.

From sports medicine and rehabilitation to treating teachers in New York City schools, Mr. Sipalay’s work experience has provided him with a breadth of knowledge to properly manage his patients’ needs.

Mr. Sipalay provides a wide range of care at Medex Diagnostic & Treatment Center, focusing on outpatient and inpatient physical therapy that includes sports medicine, postoperative physical therapy, orthopedic physical therapy. Mr. Sipalay is currently accepting new patients.