Gastroenterologist in Queens, Boris Chusid, MD


Boris Chusid, MD

Forest Hills, Queens, NY


About Boris Chusid, MD

Dr. Chusid is a physician who specializes in gastroenterology. Dr. Chusid personally performs over 3500 endoscopic procedures per year with particular emphasis on colonoscopy, hemorrhoid ligation, ercp, difficult polypectomies as well as and upper endoscopy. Dr. Chusid has performed over 35,000 endoscopic procedures and personally consults on over 6000 patients per year. Dr. Chusid has been an Endoscopy proctor at Lenox Hill Hospital since July 2001. Dr. Chusid also treats Inflammatory bowel disease. He performs procedures at MedEx Diagnostic and Treatment Center, medical office in Queens.

As the best-in-class, top-rated Gastroenterologist, Boris Chusid, MD collaborates with doctors of multiple specialties, including internal medicine physicians and family doctors. Please click to book an online appointment with him today.




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