Knee Pain


Knee pain can really cramp your style. Whether it leads to complete immobility, constant discomfort or nagging pain when you play your favorite sport, you want relief. Your pain management specialist at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center, often in consultation with another specialist at the multi-specialty practice in Queens, New York, has real solutions. From proactive preventive steps to targeted therapy and treatment, the Medex team of doctors provides you with a wealth of experience and options. Call today for an appointment to rid yourself of knee pain.

Knee pain is a common complaint, but it’s one that impacts your quality of life and impede your daily activities. To make matters worse, there are many factors that can cause knee pain. Your pain management doctor at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Queens, NY knows how to uncover what’s causing your knee pain. Only then can treatment begin.

You may have the early warning signs of knee pain. That’s actually the best time to visit a knee specialist. You’ll minimize the pain in your knee with early intervention and self-care strategies.

Your pain management doctor talks about prevention during your very first visit. Even your primary care physician emphasizes preventative care. But if your knee already hurts, the Medex multi-specialty facility has state-of-the-art and in-depth testing capability to discover exactly what’s causing your knee pain.

Solutions Begin with Proper Knee Care

Most knee pain is caused by an injury or repetitive motion. If you run, hike or work in situations that require constant bending, you can end up with knee pain. Aging — and the consequences from years of wear and tear — take its toll on your knees.

Underlying conditions such as arthritis and obesity often have a direct impact on the health of your knees. Preventing knee pain starts by taking your pain management doctor’s advice to:

Knee Pain Risk Factors and Causes

Without the proper treatment, your knee pain can get worse or become chronic. Untreated arthritis can cause lasting damage to your knee cartilage. Other risks for developing knee pain include:

If your knee hurts, have it examined. It’s best to address your knee pain sooner rather than later. Knee pain rarely goes away on its own, and the longer you wait, the worse the condition may become.

At the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center, specialists from a wide range of medical specialties collaborate to treat you. Diagnostics, such as x-rays and digital scans, reveal the extent of the damage to your knee. Whether due to a sports or work-related injury or accident, your doctor determines the cause of your pain. It may be a:

Physical Therapy for Knee Pain Relief

When self-care and at-home treatments don’t provide sufficient relief, your pain management doctor in Queens, NY may send you to physical therapy to rebuild your knee strength and train you to move in ways that don’t cause further injury.

Your doctor monitors your physical therapy to ensure your specific needs are met. Some of the tools and techniques available through your Medex physical therapist include:

Other Knee Pain Treatments

Depending on the severity of your pain and the effectiveness of your lifestyle changes and physical therapy sessions, your pain management doctor may decide to try a more invasive technique. Even minimally invasive surgery is put off until you know the other treatments haven’t worked for you.

Fortunately, your doctor at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center has access to a wide range of more intense treatments to deal with stubborn knee pain. Sometimes, minimally or non-invasive procedures are required to ensure your pain is addressed completely. These knee pain treatments include:

Prescription pain medication is useful for a short period of time, but surgery, including a knee replacement, is always the last resort. Your pain management specialist works to provide maximum pain relief to return you to an active lifestyle. Don’t suffer needlessly with knee pain. Contact the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Queens for the most complete knee treatment options.

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