In the movies, only the bad guys have scars, and that perception carries over into the real world. To avoid been typecast as a villain, you may want to treat the scars in visible places, especially on your face. Visit the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Queens, NY for expert evaluation. Your dermatologist examines your scar and then chooses the right treatment to hide it. Call today for an appointment.

Scars are those pale-colored or dark-colored marks on your body left behind after an injury has healed. When only the top layer of the skin is damaged, the wound doesn’t create a scar. But when the wound is deeper, your body’s natural healing process develops a thicker patch of skin. This is what you see as the scar.

You may want to treat a scar simply for aesthetic reasons. The scars may be in a conspicuous location like on your face, leg or arm, making you feel self-conscious. If your scars are large enough and visible enough, you even become depressed about them. To minimize your anxiety about your scars, seek medical help from an experienced dermatologist.

In rare cases, some types of skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma, show up looking like as a scar. Getting your scars checked by a dermatologist is the best way to prevent cancerous cells from being misdiagnosed. The multi-care facility in Queens, New York — the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center — treats all skin conditions and offers the best early detection of abnormal cells.

What Are the Different Types of Scars?

The shape and size of your scar is determined by the cut or damage. The deeper the scar tissue goes into your skin, the more intense you need the treatment. Your Medex dermatologist takes stock of your age, as older skin is less elastic, and your genetic makeup. Finally, the color of your skin also needs to be assessed, as some skin types respond differently to the various treatments.

The skin specialist from the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center first determines what type of scars you have, since there are several. Each type looks a little different and each may require a specific type of remedy. The scar types include:

Different Treatments for Scars

Your treatment depends on how the scars were formed and how deep they are. Your dermatologist carefully examines your scar tissue, as well as the surrounding skin. Medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or even a cardiovascular disease often require a custom-made treatment plan to ensure success. To determine your scar treatment, your skin expert considers:

Your dermatologist at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center has many modalities available. And if needed, the other specialists who work there are on call. As a result, you may undergo treatments that include:

Most scar treatments are considered cosmetic, so check with your insurance carrier before getting treated. But no matter which treatment your doctor selects, you increase your chances of a successful outcome by visiting the multi-specialty Medex facility in Queens. Contact your dermatologist to today schedule an appointment.

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