High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is common in adults — and is one of the most preventable diseases. The American Heart Association reports that nearly half of all Americans over the age of 20 have high blood pressure. Many don’t even know it. It’s one of those conditions that’s usually detected during a routine exam or if you’re being treated for an unrelated issue. Learn now how to avoid this potentially dangerous condition with guidance and treatment from specialists at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Queens, New York. Call today for an appointment.

Also known as hypertension, high blood pressure is a common condition that often has no signs or symptoms. When you have high blood pressure, the intensity of the blood pushing against the blood vessel walls is too high. If it goes unchecked, the condition can damage your cardiovascular system.

Your blood pressure reading gives your doctor important information about the health of your heart. That’s why you need to keep your regular appointment checkups with your cardiologist or primary care physician. Prevent problems with your heart through early detection; it’s the surest way to avoid hypertension and all its complications.

Keep your blood pressure under control with the aid of the medical professionals at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Queens, NY. This multi-specialty practice has access to the latest treatment options and specialists available, including cardiologists and vein doctors.

Understanding Blood Pressure Numbers

Two numbers are used to measure blood pressure. These two numbers represent the pressure in your arteries, first when you heart beats and then when it rests between beats. The top number is called systolic blood pressure and the second number is known as diastolic blood pressure.

The average healthy blood pressure is under 120/80. Everyone’s blood pressure spikes every now and then, such as when you exercise. But your blood pressure is considered high if your systolic pressure is 130 or higher, while your diastolic pressure is 80 or higher and stays elevated over time.

How Can You Prevent High Blood Pressure?

For optimum health and longevity, be proactive about your health. Your Medex doctor offers a wealth of information about how to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Some tips include:

Making healthy lifestyle choices helps you prevent high blood pressure. Doing the right things makes it less likely that when you do occasionally experience elevated blood pressure levels, it doesn’t damage your health.

Diagnosing High Blood Pressure

It’s possible to have high blood pressure for a long time without knowing it, which is why it’s commonly referred to as the silent killer. In fact, most people who have this condition don’t experience any symptoms. The most common symptoms include regularly get nosebleeds, headaches or shortness of breath. Other symptoms include:

These symptoms don’t always mean you have elevated blood pressure. The only way to accurately record your blood pressure is by having it checked by your cardiologist or primary care doctor at the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center. Your doctor takes your blood pressure over several visits to get a normal reading for you. You may also be asked to monitor your blood pressure at home.

What Are the Causes of Hypertension?

There are two kinds of hypertension. Primary hypertension doesn’t have a single identifiable cause because it usually develops gradually over time. It typically corresponds to your lifestyle choices. Secondary hypertension develops suddenly and is caused by an underlying condition or medication such as:

High blood pressure runs in families so your risk of developing this condition increases if others in your family have it. You’re at risk of high blood pressure if you lead a sedentary lifestyle or if your diet is too high in sodium. The risk of developing hypertension increases as you get older.

Treating High Blood Pressure

Lifestyle changes make the biggest difference if you’re just starting to develop hypertension. Get active, limit sodium in your diet and work on losing weight if you need to. Your doctor may prescribe medication to keep your blood pressure under control. You may need more than one type of medication to reach your blood pressure goal. Medications commonly prescribed to lower blood pressure include:

Keeping blood pressure under control reduces your risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, heart attack and other serious conditions. Whether you need a primary care doctor or a specialist in cardiology, gastroenterology or endocrinology, you’ll get the best care from the top doctors in Queens when you visit the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center. Contact the multi-specialty practice today for an appointment.

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