How to Check in as a Patient

The complete check-in guide for patients

To meet with your provider on, first you need to use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser. A webcam and microphone are also required.
Your provider should have given you their personalized room link. It should look like

To check in:

1. Type your provider’s room address into your web address bar (e.g.

2.Enter your name and click Check In.

3. You are now in your provider’s waiting room.  Wait for your provider to start the call.

Watch entire process:

I don’t know my provider’s room link

How to get to your provider’s waiting room

If you’re scheduled to meet with your provider on, he or she should have given you a unique link to their room. It looks something like: or 

Review your appointment reminder or calendar invite for your provider’s URL. Once found, click the link to check in to their room.

If you still can’t find your provider’s room link, contact your provider and ask them for it.

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