Irina Kimyagarova, DO


Irina Kimyagarova, DO

Family Physician
Forest Hills, NY


About Irina Kimyagarova

Dr. Irina Kimyagarova is a family physician who currently practices at Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Forest Hills, NY. Patients come to her for a variety of reasons, including allergy consultations, annual physical exams, arthritis treatment, and weight reduction advice.

Dr. Kimyagarova graduated from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine at the New York Institute of Technology. Peninsula Hospital Center was where she finished her family medicine residency.

Dr. Kimyagarova has dedicated her life to assisting patients with difficult medical issues, and she works hard to give them with sound guidance on how to improve and maintain their health on a daily basis. Her patients can also have video visits with her via the internet.



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