Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is an alternative therapy that may reduce pain from skin conditions and sports injuries. Practiced for millennia in China and the Middle East, cupping therapy has a long history of satisfied patients. If you are looking to an alternative to pain medications or physical therapy, give cupping a try at the Medex Diagnostic Treatment Center in Queens, NY. Well versed in the more conservative allopathic treatments, the doctors at this multi-specialty practice also have expertise in cupping and other alternative pain management treatments. Call today for an appointment.

An alternative physical therapy with origins in China and the Middle East, cupping therapy is used by trained practitioners to both treat and prevent certain conditions. The procedure involves creating suction on specific points of your body. Special cups create an inner vacuum that fasten the cups to your skin.

Your doctor may perform cupping therapy in either a wet or a dry procedure. When wet cupping, your doctor makes a small puncture in the skin, and the suction pulls out a small amount of blood. Dry cupping only uses the suction on your skin. Neither method produces any discomfort.

Your doctor determines which type of procedure is best for you. Although some slight bruising or skin discoloration in the shape of the cups is possible after a treatment, they dissipate quickly and painlessly. The Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Queens, NY has trained professionals skilled in cupping therapy.

A History of Health Benefits

Cupping can treat pain and prevent more serious conditions down the road. One of the most famous modern believers in cupping therapy is the gold medal-winning machine, Michael Phelps, who employed the technique during the 2016 Olympics.

While scientific studies have yet to conclusively prove cupping’s therapeutic benefits, the anecdotal evidence is vast and impressive. Cupping reduces pain by increasing blood flow. It functions as a deep tissue massage by alternating suction with decompression.

What Health Conditions Does Cupping Address?

Researchers and doctors continue to debate cupping therapy’s effectiveness, but it’s been practiced for thousands of years. Cupping can be used to treat a myriad of conditions, including:

• Pain. Your doctor may recommend cupping for neck or back pain.

• Skin conditions. Some practitioners claim success in treating acne and herpes zoster.

• Sports injuries. Many athletes incorporate cupping therapy into their recovery process after an injury or surgery.

Most patients experience a reduction in pain and inflammation after four to six treatments, spaced approximately one week apart. Many people have even seen an improvement in the appearance of their skin. Some studies on cupping therapy have found a decrease in inflammatory chemical messengers and an increase in healing ones.

What Happens During Cupping Therapy Treatment?

Your Medex practitioner gently warms your problem area by applying specially-designed glass cups. Usually, the doctor has you lie comfortably on your stomach, side or back on top of a massage table. The cupping therapist then places the warmed cups directly onto your skin at the proper locations.

Your specialist applies cups statically on your skin for five minutes or up to 20 minutes. There’s also a sliding technique with massage oil that’s sometimes appropriate. The sliding method is especially useful on large muscle groups, including the muscles of your back.

If you suffer from excessive inflammation, your doctor may prick your skin before covering it with a warmed cup. Wet cupping helps your body release internal toxins.

The Science Behind Cupping Therapy

Many painful conditions seem to result from tightened or compressed fascia — the connective tissue beneath your skin. The warmed air inside the cup produces a vacuum that draws skin upward into the cup. The process encourages blood flow to increase in the area, which loosens your fascia.

As part of your healing process, your body moves blood containing antibodies and other nutrients back and forth throughout your body. Increased circulation improves your body’s natural healing process, helping it repair damage more quickly. Improved circulation also removes toxins trapped in stiff fascia tissue as it loosens.

Cupping practitioners claim the technique helps your body remove circulatory blockages that inhibit healing. Accumulated toxins in a specific area of your body inhibit blood flow and prevent healing. The cupping technique, therefore, relieves pain and promotes healing.

The Benefits of Cupping Therapy

You may experience improved mobility and muscle relaxation, as well as pain relief, without the harmful side effects of injections or pain medications. Cupping therapy enhances your body’s own healing process in a natural, safe and effective way. Patients who find the natural cupping method especially attractive include:

If you live in Queens, NY and think you may benefit from this ancient therapy, visit the Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center. Highly trained cupping experts are on staff. Contact the practice today to schedule an initial consultation.

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